Who Owns Avene Skincare?

Who Owns Avene Skincare?

Most of the larger cities around the world have people in them that are familiar with Avene skincare products. It seems like the thermal spring water that is part of every product is a big deal. It actually helps to soothe, soften and calm the skin without causing any irritation or triggering any allergies. It is no surprise to know that Avene is a global entity that helps people everywhere with mild and severe skin problems.

The History of Avene

Marquis of Rocozels owned a very smart horse that was suffering from alopecia. This is a kind of skin disease that not only looks horrific but causes discomfort and horrible itching as well. The owner would allow the horse to roam freely around the property that it lived on. 

Marquis noticed that the skin disease that the horse was suffering from was beginning to dissipate and clear up. When he took a closer look at what the horse was doing on a daily basis, he was astonished to learn that the horse was regularly bathing in a spring of water.

Marquis would later learn that the water contained special compounds that helped to heal skin ailments. The Avene spring water does not have bacteria within it and has very low mineral content. These two components plus the addition of a microflora that has powerful anti-inflammatory properties join together to deliver something that is pretty close to magic.

Avene Thermal Spring Water Baths

After this profound discovery, Marquis built several thermal spring baths where people suffering from dermatitis eczema, psoriasis, and burns could come and receive the healing properties that the spring water had to offer. People would come from all over France with all kinds of different skin ailments in hopes of relief and wellbeing. Most of them were not disappointed.

Doctor Recommended

In 1772 the Montpellier Academy of Medicine, who is a dermatological authority of Europe, recognized the thermal spring water of Avene to be an effective means for therapeutic properties in terms of skin issues. 

The Chicago Fire of 1871

In 1871 a devastating fire ripped through the city of Chicago Illinois. In the wake of the destruction, thousands of victims were left seriously injured by the burns that they suffered in the fires. Aven thermal spring water was sent from France to America in order to bring soothing relief to the burn victims of the fire. This is how much faith science had in the Avene spring water.

The Evolution of Avene

As the years passed and more people learned the value of Avene’s thermal spring water, the popularity of the brand grew. Scientists and doctors took quite a bit of interest in the fact that professionals were vouching for the validity of the claims that this water had the capacity to heal. As the brand grew, so did its reputation. It even earned the approval of the French healthcare system which paid them to provide skin treatment to the general public.

Pierre Fabre Laboratories

In 1975, Perre Fabre Laboratories, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the whole country of France purchased Avene and began to push its monumental accomplishments throughout the entire rest of the world. It was in the year 1736 when that horse first discovered that the water of the springs had the ability to cleanse and repair serious skin ailments. Now almost 300 years later, the Avene company is still thriving and bringing the benefits of its water to everybody that it can. Instead of having people travel to the ends of the earth to visit the baths, they now create powerful products that they can ship all over the world. How’s that for a great story?

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